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Let Me Guess...

Feeling a little burned out lately? I see that look on your face, like it's already been a month full of obligations and too much running around. And now it's December. What month is more filled with to do's, running around, and extra gatherings? On top of that, there were some things you promised yourself you'd finish in 2016, and they're nowhere near finished. Tick tock, the munchkins need your immediate assistance, and that pecan pie for Aunt Mildred isn't going to bake itself. Meanwhile, the goals you set for yourself last January are slowly drifting out of your reach. With all this extra hullabaloo, how are you even going to get the basics done, much less achieve your year end goals?

Most of us then attempt to beat ourselves into "Get It Done" mode. "If only I could just sit down and crank it out." "The only thing stopping me is willpower." If only, if only... if only that phrase were actually effective

But it's not, Grasshopper. Being a veteran of these productivity wars, you already know this. So what's the answer?


Kick that sense of helplessness to the curb, Grasshopper. 

You don't have to feel that way anymore. You know that going it alone seldom provides the dedicated kickassery needed to achieve substantial goals. I invite you to join us instead, and see how far you can go.


We've got your back

Come kick ass in my group coaching experience, Grasshopper! You don't have to fight the year-end fever on your own. Join your fellow ninjas in making 2016 your best year yet. Bask in the support, accountability, and encouragement of others with similar goals. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Knock out nagging items on your New Year's Resolution list (before you have to set new ones)
  • Rack up your daily accomplishments alongside your fellow Grasshoppers
  • Shatter your goals, and clear the way for a mind blowing 2017 

Love From Your Fellow Grasshoppers

"All my small biz peeps.... I ♡ Rj Redden! She's helped me so much in the tech side of my biz-- like serious, REAL help. And she hosts great productivity coaching sessions too. Check out her site if you're in the "where do I start" boat. Been there!"    -Jennifer Belt
"RJ, I LOVE what your brain comes up with. I wish that I could make suggestions but right now I am just a sponge. Maybe you can wring me out next year."     -Dawney Glenn
"RJ is a great listener and empathizes with your productivity woes. Even if she hasn't had your specific hurdles to jump (and there's a good chance she has) she can relate to the feelings, and better yet can give you great tips how to process and overcome them. She gives loving encouragement along with tangible action steps, all while being her cooky, authentic, fun-loving self. I leave every interaction I have with RJ feeling better about myself, my choices, and like I can make today (and days to come) my B*TCH!"  -Mary Ensz

Enough Talk. Let's Finish 2016 Strong!


Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?

My name is RJ Redden, and I'm a Productivity Coach. I help badass individuals conquer technology, rock their productivity practices, and master their time and talents. I can help you spend more time doing things that really matter.

Why the ninjas?

They're intense and cute all at the same time. They make me happy, so I've adopted them. 

What if I can't make all the sessions? 

The group coaching sessions will be recorded and sent to you, so you can enjoy those whenever you have a moment. I will also be available in the community to answer any questions you might have.

I'm not really a "joiner". Will the community be valuable to me??

Of course it will. I'll be there to coach you along the way. Your fellow Grasshoppers will be there to cheer you on as well. In addition, I've designed a lovely set of questions and ninja tools to keep you laser focused on what needs to get done in December.