As a Productivity Coach, I help small businesses and solopreneurs spend more time doing things that really matter. I help badass individuals to conquer technology, rock their productivity practices, and master their time and talents. (I knew that you knew all that, but just in case...)

Here's what you may not know: I'm offering free Rock Your Productivity sessions.

What's that? It's a 30 minute session with me where we dig into your productivity issues. Bottom line: Spend 30 minutes with me and you'll walk away with actionable items that will shave hours off your work week. It's a helluva deal.

Who's this for? I'm glad you asked. It's for anyone who wants to level up their productivity, but has too much going on right now to even start. It's for people who suffer from chronic distraction and emergency, and have trouble refocusing on their business. Finally, it's for people who have had it up to here with lost opportunities falling through the cracks.

If this sounds familiar to you, follow the steps below to get on my schedule. You'll get a nice little appointment sent to you, and a reminder 24 hours beforehand, as well. 

  1. Click on the "Set time zone" button
  2. Click on the day you want
  3. My available times will show. Click on one of those and we'll be ready to roll!

Life should always be this simple, yeah? Let's get you on your way!

Love From Your Fellow Grasshoppers

"Grasshoppers, I may not have my sh*t together much of the time lately, but I had a spark of brilliance and scheduled myself a Rock Your Productivity session with our Rj Redden last week.

I am so smart sometimes.

I watch most of RJ's videos, I often hop on to ask questions, and I participate in belt tests. I figured I knew what RJ was about, and that a session wouldn't hurt even if I didn't learn much.

Ummm. Guys. You may know that RJ is awesome, but I did not truly appreciate the extent of her powers until last week.

November was a rough month for me (I know I'm not alone) and there were many wagons in the distance off which I had fallen. RJ didn't guilt me at all, no "shoulds" past her lips. She merely pointed out that I had "a wonderful opportunity" to make some changes.

While still on the call I got a few nagging things put into my calendar, we came up with some simple solutions to put into action this week, and I have a homework assignment to see how it goes. And that was in half an hour (plus a few interruptions from my 3-year-old). I felt immediately better.

So maybe I'm not that brilliant since it took me this long to schedule it. Don't wait. Sign up for Use the Force to Finish Strong. Schedule your Rock Your Productivity Session. Waiting and trying the same things harder didn't change anything for me, either. Live long and be productive.

(RJ didn't ask or wheedle or in any way coerce me into saying this, though if she wants to send me cookies I'll happily provide my address.)"  

-Stacy Spensley