Congratulations, Grasshopper!

You've made it in! Here's what to expect: As part of your initiation, you get a 30 minute one on one call with yours truly. (Scroll down to sign up for a time on my calendar.) In that call, we'll laser focus on what's holding you back from saying No, and identify actions you can take to becoming a Master at #OwnTheNo. You'll also get six videos sent to your inbox (one per day). Finally, you'll get my Cheat Sheet full of ways to say no without ruining a relationship. 

While you're waiting, here's the #OwnTheNo Manifesto. Say it aloud, Grasshopper. Then do a dance and shout it from the rooftops, on social media, or into a tin can attached to a string. Your obligations just got a whole lot lighter.



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Let's get busy on this mission. I've got thirty minutes of one on one support of your #OwnTheNo mission. Questions? I've got answers. Goal setting and accountability? I've got that in spades. Excuses? No dice, Grasshopper. If you're here for those, you're in the wrong place. 

Start by setting your time zone below, and then just follow the prompts. Let's #OwnTheNo together, Grasshopper. 

Get ready to #OwnTheNo, and take your life back.  See you in your inbox, Grasshopper.