Greetings, Grasshopper.

How 'Bout a little storytime?

I come to work every day because I help solve one of the biggest problems in marketing a business: Everyone is guessing.

What's going to bring qualified clients to your doorstep? Maybe if you focus on building your email list... step up that social media posting... go Live more often... then that will be the magic formula that inspires potential clients to beat down your door.

And hey, all of these things do work. I've used them myself. But the fact is, those methods burn a lot of midnight oil. 

I'm here because I've discovered a method that works very well. It's called Messenger Marketing (also known as bots). 

Bots allow you to:

  • Have a one on one conversation with potential clients
  • get answers to all your questions
  • and be able to qualify potential clients - automagically.  

Most of all, bots have been freakin' amazing for my business. And I want to tell every single solopreneur I know. 

Fun Facts

I've been coaching people about technology since 1998. That's even before we were worried about the year 2000 destroying all computers everywhere. 

I remember Oregon Trail, and actually have died from dysentery. 

I once spent five months in a country where I didn't know the language, just so I could learn how to explain things more effectively to people.

Note: The results were both great and terrible. My explaining skills greatly increased, but I also did get kicked off a train once. (It was NOT moving at the time.)

I love coaching and teaching technology like it's my best friend. And I have the most outstanding clients on Earth. 


"Thanks for letting me hijack your afternoon, Rj Redden! As usual, our sessions are filled with so much laughter, BRIGHT ideas, and productivity. ♡

I always leave our zooms with one thing on my mind-- World Domination! And I crossed the first two items off my list before 5pm today. What?


Thank you, Sensei (bows in respect.) Dojo Tribe.... if you haven't had a private coaching sesh with Rj, get one scheduled. Need some tech tutoring? (check) Need some "big idea" brainstorming? (check) Need a productivity action plan to make that "big idea" happen? (check) Yep.... all three of these items (and more) completed in ONE session. One.

Rj rocks.

That is all."  - Jen Belt, Ruby Rose Studio