Productivity Kung Fu (Part III)


What does productivity even mean?

Productivity is one of those words that seem to have a thousand meanings. And since there is no cut and dried definition of the word, there is no clear cut (read: one size fits all) way to be productive.

Many people think of productivity as getting things done. And yet… it’s possible to do a thousand things today, and still feel that your life is slipping through your fingers. Maddening, isn’t it? What if you get so many things done that you save three whole hours this week, only to fill it with things you “should” do?

Is productivity really “bigger better faster more”? (Thank you, 4 Non Blondes). What if we could measure it differently? What if productivity is measured by what happens when your head hits the pillow at night? What if you could go to sleep feeling like you made a difference in the world. Feeling like you can make choices according to what you want from life, rather than blindly following all the “shoulds”. Productivity is choosing what you want, and making every day your b*tch.

Perhaps productivity is better defined by what it is not...

Perhaps you have that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something (again)... Maybe it’s the never ending to do list. It could be the feeling that you “should” be further in your life than you are.

Whatever the symptoms are, the underlying cause is that chaos controls your every waking moment. The good news? It’s something that can be stopped.

Here's your kung fu move, Grasshopper

  1. Identify one thing you want out of this day. (Size matters, my friend. Be realistic. If a project needs broken down, then go ahead and break it down.)

  2. How much time is it going to take?

  3. Look at your schedule - how much time do you have?

  4. Schedule it and do it, Grasshopper.

  5. Report your progress during tomorrow's show.

That’s it! Come talk to me tomorrow at 2PM CST on the Queen Ninja Guru timeline on Facebook. I’d love to see you.

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Profile of a Productivity Killer: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

What's FOMO?

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out. 

Of course, the feeling existed long before social media notifications were a twinkle in their father's eye. 

However, social media/texts/email notifications have cranked FOMO to a whole new level of noise. 

Questions to ask yourself

  • Overabundance of notifications + FOMO determines what percentage of your free time, Grasshopper?
  • Are you able to make your own choices regarding notifications? Are you willing?

Fix it, Grasshopper

  • Accept that you're going to miss out on some things. 
  • Be clear on exactly what you want to do with your time. 
  • Don't settle for being "in the know" on things that don't even vaguely matter to you. 

If FOMO is really bothering you, then let me help you out of that hot mess. Get on my schedule, and we'll crush your chaos together!