Join the movement

Two words. One syllable. Priceless amounts of time and energy saved if when you can say No, effectively and without ruining a relationship. 

Your Initiation Package includes a one on one conversation with me. This one on one call is complimentary for all members of the #OwnTheNo movement, and it is laser focused support of your personal #OwnTheNo mission. 

You'll also get six meditation videos: 

  • #OwnTheNo: The Personal Policy
  • #OwnTheNo: The 50/50
  • #OwnTheNo: The Referral
  • #OwnTheNo: The Pause
  • #OwnTheNo: The Calendar
  • #OwnTheNo: The No, Period

Finally, you'll get a copy of my Cheat Sheet full of ways to say "No" without ruining a relationship. Plus some other smatterings of bonuses that I may add from time to time. :)

Join us, and you'll "No" Better. Ninja Promise. 

#OwnTheNo Initiation