This call is all about you! Take some time to do this small bit of pre-work, so that our call will be extra effective. 

Step One: My Story and About Our Call

The video below will tell you a little bit more of my story, and what will happen during our call. 


Thanks for letting me hijack your afternoon, Rj Redden! As usual, our sessions are filled with so much laughter, BRIGHT ideas, and productivity. ♡ I always leave our sessions with one thing on my mind-- World Domination! And I crossed the first two items off my list before 5pm today. What?
Thank you, Sensei (bows in respect.)    
-Jennifer Belt, Ruby Rose Studio
Jen Belt, Ruby Rose Studio

Jen Belt, Ruby Rose Studio

Step Two: Join my facebook community

My Facebook community, Stop Dreaming & Start Doing,  is filled with extraordinary people just like you who are making their dreams happen. I invite you to join this incredible group, so that we can travel this road together! Click below to join us!


RJ is a great listener and empathizes with your productivity woes. Even if she hasn't had your specific hurdles to jump (and there's a good chance she has) she can relate to the feelings, and better yet can give you great tips how to process and overcome them.

She gives loving encouragement along with tangible action steps, all while being her cooky, authentic, fun-loving self. I leave every interaction I have with RJ feeling better about myself, my choices, and like I can make today (and days to come) my B*TCH!                -Mary Ensz, Me Do

Mary Ensz, Me Do

Mary Ensz, Me Do

Step Three: How to develop an unshakeable success mindset

The video below will give you the beginning steps of creating the mindset you need to make your dream happen. 


I had no idea how much energy I'd been wasting living a life full of "shoulds". Going Shouldless has helped me reclaim power over my own life.  

-Cricket Mara, Wizard Of Dogs

Cricket Mara, Wizard Of Dogs

Cricket Mara, Wizard Of Dogs

Grasshoppers, I may not have my sh*t together much of the time lately, but I had a spark of brilliance and scheduled myself a personal strategy session with our Rj Redden last week.

I am so smart sometimes.

Ummm. Guys. You may know that RJ is awesome, but I did not truly appreciate the extent of her powers until last week.

November was a rough month for me (I know I'm not alone) and there were many wagons in the distance off which I had fallen. RJ didn't guilt me at all, no "shoulds" past her lips. She merely pointed out that I had "a wonderful opportunity" to make some changes.

Stacy Spensley,  Semi Crunchy Mama Club

Stacy Spensley, Semi Crunchy Mama Club

While on the call we came up with some simple solutions to put into action this week, and I have a homework assignment to see how it goes. And that was in half an hour (plus a few interruptions from my 3-year-old). I felt immediately better.

So maybe I'm not that brilliant since it took me this long to schedule it. Don't wait. Schedule your Crush Your Chaos Session. Waiting and trying the same things harder didn't change anything for me, either. Live long and be productive.

(RJ didn't ask or wheedle or in any way coerce me into saying this, though if she wants to send me cookies I'll happily provide my address.)    -Stacy Spensley, Semi Crunchy Mama Club

Last Step: Tell me you're done

Check this box to tell me you're done with all the pre-work and ready for our appointment! Important: I'm incredibly picky about my schedule. When it gets overloaded and I need to make some room, those who have done their homework always take precedence over those that haven't. As a thank you, you can download my "Own The No" cheatsheet for free. So check this box and let's get going!

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