Master The Empty Checkbox Of Shame!

Greetings, Grasshoppers. Let’s discuss the empty checkbox of shame.

  • It's the empty checkbox on your to do list that keeps you awake in the middle of the night.

  • It's the reminder in your phone that was “accidentally” marked as complete.  

  • It's that moment when you procrastinate something small to make way for your next million dollar idea.

  • And that moment when a your biggest client comes calling, and you drop everything.

Let’s face it, you’re freakin' busy. You're a solopreneur, and the hundred hats you wear just to keep your business going would drive a normal human crazy. You’re distracted constantly by all the buzzes and beeps and blinking lights that surround us all.  You know the unsavory consequences that happen when you procrastinate and/or forget about the small stuff. Lost business is just the beginning. 

I’m here to tell you that distraction and emergency are the two most passionate supporters of the empty checkbox of shame. I’m also here to tell you that distraction and emergency can be reduced, but will never disappear from your life.


Bummer, right? It would be, if you didn't have a tool that could help you resharpen your focus. That tool can be yours right now, Grasshopper. It's called a checklist.

  • The Checklist Ninja Training Manual is a list of "Forget-Me-Nevers" with a recurring due date.

  • The reminders are placed in the four categories where people suffer forgetfulness most: Websites, Social Media, Planning, and Self Care

  • These checklists can be added to the software of your choice, and be changed/added to over time to fit your needs. 



I hereby invite you become a Checklist Ninja. Get this tool and hone your productivity skills, so that you can spend more time doing what really matters.

For $10, which is the price of two lattes (don’t deny your coffee habit, I saw you in the Starbucks line) you get: 

  • The Checklist Ninja Training Manual delivered directly to your inbox as a PDF
  • The Manual includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly productivity reminder checklists

    • Reminders are things that busy solopreneurs usually forget about: social media, websites, planning, and self care

  • An entire page of links to Productivity Ninja Tools (free/cheap software to help make the checklists rock)

  • Instructions on how to integrate the checklists into your calendar






Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change or add to some of the items on my list?

You betcha! In fact, you are expected to continue your checklists training by expanding and changing your checklists.

Why the ninjas?

I love the little buggers. In fact, I find them irresistible. 

How will I be able to make these checklists work for me?

I include a page on how to integrate the checklists into your calendar. There’s also a page of commonly used software programs for using checklists.  

How did you choose the topics for the checklists?

Checklist Ninja is based on the top “forget-me-always” categories for solopreneurs: website, social media, planning, and self care.

Who are you?

My name is RJ Redden, and I'm a Productivity Coach. I help badass individuals conquer technology, rock their productivity practices, and master their time and talents. I can help you spend more time doing things that really matter.