Welcome! Here are the class materials. Let me know if you have any questions!


Before You Build

Bot Brainstorming

Anatomy Of A Bot

Best Bot Practices

PDF of Script

Build Your First Core Sequence

Manychat Tour

Main Building Screen

Build Your Welcome Message

Build Your First Daily Message

Writing And Design For Bots

Put Yourself In Your User's Shoes


All About Emoji

Length and Number Of Messages

Add Time Delays

Don't Neglect The Visuals

Advanced Ninja Mode

Add Value To The Basic Bot

Buttons Create Decision Moments

The Choose Your Own Adventure Mode


Tag Definition


Tag Setup


Keywords Trigger Actions


Keyword Setup

Facebook Ads

The Messenger Destination Facebook Ad

Creating A Lookalike Audience From Page Interaction

What Not To Do (Keeping Zucky Happy)

FB Terms Of Service

Failure To Follow Policy

Why All The Restrictions?

Payment Policy


Messenger Policy Overview

Messenger Policy In Depth

Payment Permission Form

Get Ready To Launch!

Soft Launch

Further Testing


Bonus: Introduction to Canva.com

This is a video I produced a while back about creating images in Canva.com. 

The video is helpful for a person just starting out making their own graphics.